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Firstly, Rajendra Law Offices is one of the leading full service law firms in India. In fact, Our Law firm in a short span of time has built up a reputation for competence and law good practices. Moreover, Effective legal service is our advantage. As a result vast list of successful clients appreciate our legal service. Our Lawyers support extends to various type of clients & sizes in many countries too. Here Rajendra Law Office is a team of leading lawyers. Thus, We are different in practice by helping our clients. So, Our wider worldwide network to the best to achieve their potential.

Corporate Law firm

By all means our Law Office focus on quality services in legal and corporate domains. Of course, We are a full legal service firm which works on the principle of following its clients. We offer an all in all complete bouquet of legal services to each client. Without doubt we provide legal support With a single contact point.

Best Legal Consultancy Firms

Indeed Our Lawyers team of about 15 with office is at Chennai in India. Surely We have clustered our legal services to ensure safety. The law firm to be sure does Corporate, Commercial, International trade, Litigation & IPR. All sorts of conveyancing & documentation are available at our firm. In fact, Our law office focus on Corporate Finance as well as M&A practices. In sum, We are one of the few law firms which offer a comprehensive Indian Immigration advisory.

Rajendra Law Firm Profile

 RLO works across a comprehensive legal advisory service network in major cities. We serve our clients all over India & many countries worldwide. This brings us an unprecedented reach for various kinds of issues. Further a whole lot of law branches are available through RLO.  Our attorneys work as in – house counsel to develop & depend on one Law Firm. In India, RLO operates from Chennai covering most of the cities and towns across India.


First Rajendra Law Offices is a well established the Best Indian law firm supporting various businesses worldwide for more than a decade by qualified advocates in Chennai India . Majority of practicing Attorneys of Rajendra law office have collectively have huge legal practice experience and have solved many of the tough legal issues such as media handling for legal matters, Government relations & legislative policy issues, compliance for corporate programs, legal strategizing and brainstorming, Civil & Criminal Laws in India, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and corporate legal assistance through professional corporate Advocates.

Consult the International Law firm Attorneys in Chennai

Frequently Rajendra law office believes that even though the Indian Legal System has got huge complexity, Experienced advocates provide extremely simple solutions. Perhaps, Rajendra law office lawyers in Chennai follows ethics in the profession of the Best Law practice. We make it worthy and simple forming the path to legal solutions. First if the legal issues are absolutely easy to solve, we’ll try to settle through smooth negotiations. Our Expert advocates never develop interest in prolonging and complicating the legal matters. Our expert Advocates team believe in power of explanation and transparency in tackling legal matters. Our Advocates team are specializes in legal services including corporate law, criminal defense, Family issues & divorce, personal injury, Real estate legal consultancy, Private advocates, Cyber crime lawyers , Civil attorney firm , IT issues. We are the best among best law firms in India.

The Presence of Rajendra law Office

The legal team consists of the Best Advocates / Lawyers, Company Secretaries & Chartered Accountants. We cover Corporate, Litigation, Regulatory Compliances, Tax advisory, Investment Strategy and related areas. RLO is also very strong in cross border jurisdiction..

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We are one of the leading Indian Attorneys and solicitors. Our Law firm in Chennai is recommended for our excellent Support and Assistance. In a short period of time our attorneys Associates have created a good reputation for competency. Our specialty is excellent legal practices and good friendly as well as efficient law service. We have huge list of clients who are successful overcoming the issues in their business. We have been appreciated for offering various type of our best Advocacy  services. Our success in law practice made us to serve in various types of legal problems faced by our clients.

Corporate Lawyers 

Clients of Our Law firm all over the world are the witnesses for our Success. Our Counsels are leading lawyers helping people, corporate clients and all other individuals seeking assistance. Our team have network worldwide and achieve remedy with our best potential.

Quality Legal Services of Rajendra Law office (Law firm) at Chennai

Mainly Rajendra Law Offices is focused on providing quality Lawyers services for individuals and companies. This is a legal service team which works on the principle of following its clients and being flexible in offering a complete bouquet of Attorney services to each client with a single contact point if possible.

International Law Firm

In short Our Law firm Counsel team of about 15 with the office in Madras at India have associates nation wide. Certainly we offer excellent Legal services to ensure all requirements and remedies available. Our Law firm at Chennai offers various legal services. Other law services of us are Commercial, Corporate, and International trade Litigation. Moreover Intellectual Property Rights & all kinds of conveyancing, drafting and documentation also. To repeat, Our Lawyers fees in Tamil Nadu will be very much nominal. And it may be minimal or Nil for people who are below poverty level.


An Association of SENIOR LAWYERS in Madras High Court will take care of all your legal issues. We are one of the best law firms which offer a full course of Indian Immigration advisory too. Our Advocates team in Chennai makes a specialty of lawyer services as well as criminal defense law, corporate law, personal injury, Family problems and divorce issues, assets management law practice, personal attorney service, Cyber criminal litigation, Civil law service, Information Technology issues.

Leading Advocates Listing

The most intelligent and simple solution are offered by our best law corporation in India. Our Law firm in one among the Top 10 Law firms in India. We never compromise in solving the problems of our clients. The Team of our Leading lawyers of India will ensure to protect your rights.

 Our Legal Expertise :

Civil Disputes Labour Issues Cyber Crime
Company Laws Land Dispute Defamation
Constitutional laws Public Interest Litigation Environment Matters
Consumer Rights Rent Control Act Family Issues
Criminal Ltigation Taxation Insurance Claims
Divorce Cases Trust laws Intellectual property rights

Rajendra Law Firm Profile of Counsels for Madras High Court

RLO works across a very comprehensive Lawyer advisory service network in major cities in India & all over the world. Various kinds of issues can be solved with our Team of leading Advocates. The legal Services in Law branches are available through RLO, making it useful for the in – house counsel to develop & depend on Rajendra Law Firm in Tamil Nadu. In India, RLO operates from Chennai covering all Metropolitan cities and towns all over the country.

Civil Suit Writ Petition Business Agreement
Criminal Litigation Mediation Proprietors Firm
Company Litigation Conciliation Private limited Solutions
FIR Quash Business License Human Rights Violation
Business Contracts Retainer Ship Legal Consultancy Services
Company Registration Trading license Litigation Services
Legal Opinion Memorandum of understanding

Our Legal Services

Arbitration  Franchise Service Cheque Bounce Cases
Bail Services Business Litigation Company formation
Civil Suit Criminal Litigation Company Litigation
Conciliation Business Contracts Company Registration
FIR Quash Business License Find the Best advocate
Legal Opinion Litigation Services Human Rights Violation
Mediation Business Agreement Legal Consultancy Services
Retainer Ship Trading license Memorandum of understanding
Writ Petition Proprietors Firm Private limited Solutions

Rajendra Law Offices could be a well established Indian Law firms supporting numerous businesses worldwide for over a decade by qualified advocates in Madras India . Majority of active Chennai Attorneysof Rajendra law workplace have conjointly have immense legal apply expertise.

Lawyers for government employments in Chennai

Our Lawyers at Chennai have resolved several of the powerful legal problems. The issues mostly solved are media handling for disputes, Employment Promotions, Government relations and  legislative policy issues, compliance for corporate programs, lawyer strategizing along with group action, Civil and Criminal Laws in India, Legal method Outsourcing (LPO) and company Lawyer help through skilled corporate Advocacy.

Experienced advocates of Chennai

Rajendra law Firm Advocates in Chennai believes that despite the fact that the Indian system possesses vast complexes, skilled advocates give very simple solutions. Rajendra law associate lawyers in metropolis follows ethics within the profession of practice. we tend to build it worthy and easy forming the trail to Lawyer solutions. initial if the legal problems ar completely straightforward to unravel, we’ll try to settle through swish negotiations.

Our knowledgeable advocates develop interest in prolonging and complicating the legal disputes. Our knowledgeable Attorneys team believe

power of clarification and transparency in try dispute matters.

Legal consultancy in Chennai for your business

Our law office deal in Mergers & Acquisitions practices and Corporate Finance. Solutions for White collar crimes are offered by our Law Firm. Chennai could be a growing town thanks to the economic process from 1996 in India. Trade & Business has improved lots and plenty of individuals migrate into this town for high standard of life. Agricultural product are developing and innovative ideas are enforced to develop these selling as per Law. In these situation, every Individual and companies are all engaged in these need legal steerage to initiate their own business.

Public interest Litigation Advocates

We offer legal services for society welfare. The Best Public interest Litigation services are offered in India by our qualified professional lawyers. Our Corporate Law firm offers lawyer assistance and litigation services for common causes. Any NGO or Social service organizations can approach our Advocates for the best Advocacy services in Chennai.

Business Lawyers in Chennai

Only lawful business and trade are going to be permissible in State of India. notably places like Chennai have large floating population that has numerous styles of cultures for the past few hundreds of years. The law in our nation isn’t so strict like several alternative Asian particularly Arabian countries however the business law are going to be unengaged to below go the trade terribly simply.

Legal services for companies

Advocates involved in general Criminal cases cannot offer Lawyer services for companies. Our Law firm will provide best Advocacy assistance for all types of issues in Business and Trade. Each Advocate in our firm will be specialized in each area of legal practice. Any type of Dispute can be resolved by our senior Attorneys.


Rajendra law firm attorneys at Chennai offers legal support and services for tiny Business, assets, industry, educational institution, people and company. In India, the law does not have a lot of complication. If associate degree innovative person gets an honest lawyer recommendation, then he can overcome the issues in few days. One can find many Vakils in Tamil nadu, But hiring honest and experienced counsel is must. You can just call our advocates phone

numbers in our city to solve each and every legal issue.

Lawyers for cine industry cases in Chennai

Our Law firm offers best legal services for Cine field cases between Actors and Directors, Between Distributors and Producers, Other Income tax related issues for all movie business.

Lawyers for cinema cases in Chennai

We are best Advocates for Cases regarding disputes in Cinema production and distribution in Chennai. The Problems between Actors and directors are being handled with care and solved by our law firm.

Lawyers for South India

Money crimes in South east Asia started increasing when the economic process started its growth Globally. People born and brought up in Madras region can perceive of these crimes and can over return these circumstances. Smart Lawyers can guide you to not delayed with these solutions for crimes.

The Presence of Rajendra law Office in Chennai

The legal Counsel team in our Law firms consists of qualified Advocates / Lawyers, Company Secretaries & Accountants. we have a tendency to cowl company, Litigation, restrictive Compliance, Tax consultancy, Investment Strategy and connected areas. RLO is additionally terribly sturdy in cross border jurisdiction. We Own a high page ranking law firm website in Chennai

Contact Number of the best Legal experts of our Law firms in Chennai : +91-9994287060

Web portal and Directory for Attorneys

One can find our details to contact from major lawyers directory in India. We are listed in 1st position in all yellow pages and web portals for Law firms of Senior counsels.

Rajendra Law office is a Team of Lawyers in Chennai
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