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Firstly, One can find the leading advocates in Madras high court. Top Lawyers of our law firm are popular for criminal cases and civil litigation at Chennai.

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You may face issues due to local politicians and Government Officials. You should never ignore If there is a problem between you and your local politician. People such as ward member or a Councillor may use their powers illegally. In this case, Chances of getting into legal trouble is high. Good Legal consultants will protect from troubles.

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Rajendra Law office Advocates for legal consultancy is popular in Chennai. An ordinary person facing legal disputes against a political person is critical. As a result Challenging a government official can change the scenario in your life. Therefore, Contacting an experienced Advocate is the First and best action. In conclusion this will save and protect your rights. Furthermore, you can face any Legal Issues from Government Authorities. Most of all, this can be done only with a help of a lawyer.

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In India, Central government takes care of certain departments in state. Of-course, State government will have certain Authorities and Responsibilities in state. Most of time these officers in executive may have to install the government’s schemes. In addition, These infrastructure plans and renovation amendments will affect some people. Thereby it may change and affect their lives. For eg., Land acquisition, High ways department disputes  and electricity board. Pollution control board, and other Gov’t departments are most noteworthy. Our Law firm is in Directory of Lawyers for government service matter in Chennai.

Senior Advocates to protect your rights

Even a Member of legislative assembly or a Member of parliament may be against you. But it is not necessary to worry if you are supported by a senior attorney in India. Rajendra law office gives drastic support to their clients on legal issues.  Probably they will against government officials and political people.

Legal Consultants for Disputes in India

Difference of opinion between government officers will create a dispute. Hence it will lead in an implementation of orders. Due to this problem, the controversial officers may get suspended. Probably they may be transferred to difficult destination also.

In police departments, the lower officers – constables and sub- inspectors  tool the orders. The Inspector,Deputy superintendent of police, Assistant commissioner of police are next level higher officials. They enforce the orders of ADSP, Superintendent of police. DIG, IG, Commissioner of police and higher IPS officials will Administer the department. Lower level officers will be affected or punished by superior due to various factors. The issues may be serious, fake or Silly.

No 1 Law firm for Legal Assistance by Leading Advocates in Madras High Court

Our Law firm provides legal solutions for officials affected by their higher grade officers. In a secret survey, most of Indian clean handed non-corrupted officials maybe affected. That too by their corrupted colleagues and higher officials. So It is obvious that officials affected by unknown reason have to contact the Best counsel. Most of all it is to overcome these challenges.


Our Legal Firm counsel are practicing in Green Tribunals. Any litigation on most noteworthy environmental factors proceeded toward the path of success. We are Senior most Lawyers in Madras high court for various disputes. We provide  Litigation Services of Housing board Disputes or CMDA approval issues.  Leading Advocates plays a vital role in making a person convicted or acquitted. The most intelligent lawyer will hear what ever client says.

Counsels for Cases against Pollution Control board

Firstly Our Leading Advocates are well experienced in appearing for Cases against Environmental issues. Furthermore, Pollution control Board is government authority on those disputes. Moreover, Factories may fall into errors due to the wrong advice will face consequences. Hence our Attorneys will help you to overcome the legal problems. In conclusion, We are legal consultants for Issues of pollution.

Leading Advocates practicing Law in Madras High Court at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

First of all we are Vakils for Madras High Court. Any Vakil have responsibility to gather all the relevant information on the incident and evidence. The victim or the person affected has the responsibility to reveal almost all the facts of the cases. The counsel have to search for the cases of the opponent party. Most of all he should find, investigate the details crimes and prove that he is a habitual criminal.

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Leading Civil Advocates in India : Civil cases have to handled in various methods. Here the Attorney have to collect all the necessary required legal documents and papers. While they are are required to prove the genuineness of the clients. Clients maybe Petitioner or plaintiff or defendant or opponent. Litigation between two parties cannot be judged till you get the judgment. The success and failure of the case will depend upon the nature of proceedings. The proofs and evidences produced in the court are most noteworthy as well. Our Lawyers are specialists in providing Legal opinion for properties in India.

Top 10 Leading Advocates Practicing in India

In fact, Every person will just realize only the advantage they see and feel. Yet you need various items and points which denotes the negative and positive aspects. The opponent’s strength should be understood when you are planning to litigate in essence. Finally Lawyers never leave the points to convey the judge.

Rajendran Law office is One of the Top 5 law firm in India

Most of all, We are a leading Advocates for Corporate. Our motto is Getting the Justice to the needy people. First of all this is the greatest service to the society. Likewise Our Firm gives the best service to achieve the goal of Justice to our Clients. Highly qualified people too are working for our Senior Legal consultancy firm in India. We give the best advice for Corporate in international business and trading companies. Similarly We solve Disputes between two companies through arbitration. Furthermore Our attorneys are expert in providing Arbitration Services in Chennai.

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Attorneys of our LAW FIRM are No 1 in Witness examination and Cross examinations. So, We’ll bring out the required facts for the success of the case. No body can hide the facts with regards to the issue in Conclusion. Most of all, Drafting the best written statement is the basic step. While this will put down the opponent counsel’s confidence. Our Lawyer’s presentation of arguments and documents are mostly appreciated. We practice in almost all the honorable courts in India.

Laws – Indian Bare Acts – Law in India.

Indian Penal Code 1860.
The Companies Act 1956.
Income Tax Act 1961.
Negotiable Instruments Act.
Constitution of India.
Right to Information Act 2005.
Civil Procedure Code 1908.
The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (CrPc).
The Consumer Protection Act 1986.
Complete list of Laws in India.

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