Madras High Court


Firstly, High court is useful in appeals. In fact, Senior advocates file writ petition and Public interest litigation here. Most of all, people know that senior counsels work in Madras High court. In the meantime, one of the supreme court orders says one thing. In the first place, you know what it is ?. At any rate, a little lower court practice is must for civil and criminal law practice. Of-Course, only few Junior lawyers coming to state apex court will be useful. At this point, they should gain experience in metropolitan magistrate court or city civil court.

Best Lawyers for Madras high Court

By the way, Attorneys of Rajendra law office are experts in Service matters case filing. Perhaps our advocates not only work in Chennai bench but also in Madurai bench. So Senior counsels of our law firm serve clients all over Tamilnadu too. Likewise, City civil court, small cause court and Family court is in High court campus.

Our Advocates List of Law practice in Chennai Courts in brief

Madras high court lawyers in Chennai

High Court Campus Courts

  • City Civil Courts 
  • Court of Small Causes
  • Family Courts
  • Labour Courts
  • EC & NDPS Courts
  • Prevention of Corruption Act Court
  • TNPID Court
  • Industrial Tribunals
  • National green tribunal
  • State Transport Appellate
  • Sales Tax Appellate

Courts in Singaravelar Maligai

  • XV Addl. to XIX Addl. Courts
  • X Addl Specail Court for Prevention of Corruption Act.
  • XI Addl Special Court for CBI Cases
Metropolitan Magistrate Courts
  • Corporation Courts and Taxation Appellate Tribunal, Ripon Buildings, Ch-3
  • Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court Complex, Egmore@Allikullam , Chennai-3
  • Metropolitan Magistrate Court Complex, Saidapet, Chennai-15
  • Metropolitan Magistrate Court Complex, George Town, Chennai-1
  • Juvenile Justice Board (XII MM), Kellys, Chennai-10
  • Land Grabbing Courts, Periamedu, Chennai-3
Certainly legal consultation is best in our Law office for Madras High Court

In summary, Rajendra Law office is No.1 Law firm in India. By all means, Chennai is the head quarters for our law firm. Indeed, We are Top legal consultants for Companies and Government service matters. Surely you problem will vanish after getting a good advice from our Attorneys. It may be either Civil case or Criminal case or even a Divorce litigation. Expert advocates at our law institution will be ready to solve almost all legal issues. In addition, TNPID Court handles all Chit fund dispute cases.  Legal Advisors at our firm will sort out problems and get fast remedy.

Furthermore Search the bets lawyer in Madras High Court

Advocates practice in one court may not stick to that premises alone. They must approach other courts to solve the issue which have a connection with it. More or less, an attorney work for courts in Chennai will have to go for litigation in Madras High court for appeals. One must know the best lawyers in Chennai High court to sort out legal issues. Rajendra law office vakils are good in litigation services.

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