Legal Retainership

Firstly, Legal Retainership in India is a good offer by our Law firms. In any case, Rajendra law office offers legal Retainership services for any business. Of course, they are all for Tax services, Intellectual Property services & Corporate services. Mainly, What do you need ?. It is a legal service from a Retainer-ship attorney ?.

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Find the best Retainer Advocates for Intellectual Property Services in India

first of all, Intellectual property refers to unique creation by the Human art. Yes, This happens only by intelligent mind. Mostly They are Literary, inventions, and artistic works. To clarify, they are Names, symbols, images, and designs used in Business.

Major Intellectual Property law services of Retainership in India :

Drafting Service by our Attorneys :

IPR – Intellectual Property Right is the basic Laws as well as process to Protect the rights of the creator. Expert Lawyers do patent listing. No doubt, They are the best registered patent agents.

Filing and Prosecution by Rajendra RetainerShip Lawyers :

Good law firm legal services starts with filing as well as drafting. This includes prosecution and defend to solve all legal problems. Obviously, They are patent pre-grant and post-grant affair and registration rule.

Rajenda Law office Retainer Advocates in Licensing :

In the first place, the Intellectual Property Licensing and pact service by our Advocates are good. In India, our law firm in No.1 to resolve n company law . In the same way, It enables our clients to expand and enhance their licensing and Technical concert. Likewise Joint venture, portfolios, acquisitions, and transfer of Intellectual Property too. By the way, Do not wait for any thing. call our vakils today.

Valuation by Qualified Retainership Lawyers of Rajendra law office :

The Valuation of Intellectual Property forms the basis to solve it which is in a company.

Best Consultation by Knowledgeable Retainership lawyers of Rajendra law office  :
Corporate Lawyers protect Intellectual Property for the sake of companies. This to achieve short term and long term business benefits. To Achieve the goals, firms align their Intellectual Property strategy. Most all it is only with the help of skill full lawyers.
Company Lawyers deal with Legal consultation and advice. In any any case, they attain Pollution control board licence as well as CMDA approvals. They help in VAT, Excise, Customs, and all other approvals from Central and state govt are offers of our Law firm.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Vakils at our law team offer Best Mediation services by leading lawyers in our law office. Of course, they are the best Mediators in Chennai. Arbitration is an alternative dispute. Our Law Firm advocates bets in it.

Retainership for Tax Services in India

The Wide areas of Our legal service in tax practice are legal review, consultancy, tax planning, litigation services which includes drafting, pleadings and representation before all judicial as well as quasi-judicial forums.

Major tax law services in India :

Litigation Services : An Extraordinary talents of Application, knowledge along with the commitment in Drafting petitions, replies, appeals, statutory applications and arguing the cases are the witnesses to prove Rajendra law office is the best Law firm in Legal profession. These are all the success in our landmark of judgments.

Legal Consultation : Consulting is offered for our clients by Retainership scheme to provide sustained comprehensive services.

Law Advisory : To avail the Benefits of Tax incentives and to flourish the business and allied activities, We make our clients aware of the laws which govern them. .

Legal Review : For Smooth Functioning of companies, Rajendra law office Legal consultants offers Tax Compliance Review which is the best mechanism to helps businesses transactions and ensure correct payment of taxes.

Corporate Services By our Legal professionals in India :

Brand valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, environmental laws and private equity are the most essential services required in the corporate sector. These Corporate law practice is most important than any type high value business transactions and procedural or any other regulatory compliance.

Major corporate law services in India :

Advocates Legal Advisory : The business decisions on the interpretation of the law are made only by the legal opinions provided  to assess the major risk for present and future transactions.

Attorneys Legal Consultation : The Business Project based legal advice and Assistance provided to our clients. The Failure or success of various Business projects depends on law affecting the subject matter and our Rajendra law office corporate lawyer’s involvement.

Audit and Review of our Attorneys : It plays a vital role in ascertaining of compliance with the law. The other important objective is to estimate and ensure all the available benefits and incentives which comes under the applicable law.

Best Legal services in New Company formation and Operations :

Senior Legal professional team in our law firm provide legal services to form and set up new companies and their operations.

Dispute Resolution : Our Law firm offer Dispute resolution services by rendering regular advice on the proposed arrangements and representational services.

What is Legal Retainership ?

Legal Retainership Services in Chennai

In the globalization, the corporate and business professionals should be very cautious in all type of agreements, contracts, commercial Dealings, Tenders and communications. Here any communication can be seen as a contract or not a binding contract by judicial forums when there is dispute created and litigation reaches the court of law. There are various types of communications which includes email communications, appointment letters, removal letters, suspension letters, statutory notices, warning letters, reply to notices, letters expressing disagreements, letters notifying delays, etc., The Risk involved in each and every dealing is also very high now a days.

Attorney services for Annual retainer-ship basis

In a particular period of time, certain actions should be taken if not negative inferences can be drawn by the court of law in later stages. In those situation, companies have to engage a law firm like Rajendra law office with international exposure  and multi-discipline experience to advise to solve the day to day legal problems. These kind of legal arrangement in companies will provide expert advice under one roof in a Retainership method of pre-determined cost for the legal services.

Rajendra Law office is serving many companies on “Annual retainer-ship basis”. This  will surely help the companies to get quality legal consultation and Worrying about the fees is ruled out Since the fee is fixed in advance for the whole year which is estimated on the basis of the budgeted work load for all the incurred non-litigation work. More over even if the legal work load shoots up, the fixed fee will never be changed  in that stimulated period of one year.

How Law Firm Legal Retainer Ship will facilitate You

Introduction of Rajendra Law office Legal RetainerShip,


  • Un-limited non-litigation legal advising Services at fixed fees : Our Law Firm will offer Legal advising services at fixed annual fee including settling of contracts, consultation, settling of legal documents, labor related documentation, demand notices, settling of legal communication, employment related documentation, responding to legal notices, issuing legal notices, arbitration notices,  etc., Rajendra law office has attorneys specializing in various branches of law. We have clients requesting for consultation requests on various type of legal issues.

Our Law Firm will allot a sincere Advocate to every client for having a friendly communication and offer effective legal service. We give consultation over Courier and email and personal consultation to resolve their legal issues. For instance, the client can send the proposed draft or the subject through email and our Law firm’s dedicated Advocates will prepare legal documentation.

Company Lawyers for continuous legal services

Dedicated advocates in our chamber will offer legal services to our clients in the required time by fixing appointments and delivering it. Sincere Attorneys offer high quality, customer friendly, swift and cost effective administration of the essential legal services in India. The annual fee is a fixed one which is excluding arbitration, Litigation, drafting of contracts, appearing before authorities and tribunals. The above said fixed fee is not uniform for all, it is finalized after estimation of work and the size of the Company.

Litigation & Legal Representation in pre-paid fee structure :
  • Rajendra Law Firm is expert in handling all types of litigation, arbitration and appearing before authorities in a predetermined fee. The Advocates of our Law Firm regularly appear in Supreme Court of India, High courts, Consumer Courts, Competition Commission of India, EPF Appellate Tribunal, National Consumer Commission, Company Law Board, Mines tribunal, Electricity Tribunal, Petroleum tribunal, Criminal Courts, Central Excise & Tax authorities, Civil Courts, Revenue authorities etc., Our Law Firm will charge special reduced fees for the clients who hire our attorneys on the basis of annual retainership. Hence this arrangement with our firm will help the clients to cut their legal costs.

Lawyers Online storage and E-reporting 

  • Most of the companies find very difficult to get the knowledge about the present situation of their pending cases from the lawyers who adopt old style of practice. But Rajendra Law office is the Firm which will send (Weekly / monthly) periodical reports about the pending cases and matters to each and every client. Our Law Firm in India offers e-storage of documents facilities, even after many years, our Law firm can send the copies of the documents from its e-storage points when it is required. Since Rajendra law office is a sophisticated law firm with all modern technology and facilities. We serve our clients with Zero error quality of legal services.

Conventional Legal advice Methods :

Few decades before Companies had a practice of appointing independent advocates and pay the fees then and there. Those legal services are settling legal documents, consultations, legal documentation and appearing in various tribunals as well as Courts. This type of appointing attorneys gives them shocks, financial strain and surprises to the Companies. This happens because the expenditure which is under legal heads will be neither predetermined nor pre-budgeted. To cut down the legal costs ending up in low quality while urgently appointing advocates when legal issues occurs. The Companies will result in Losing of cases by Urgently appointing advocates in emergency who will be un-professional in providing legal services.

Appointing law officers or in-house counsel :

In Few companies in India, the legal matters are handled by Law officers who were appointed as their own Company legal adviser or in-house counsel. These Law officers or in-house counsel who are appointed may improve the position of the case but will never achieve the full solution for these legal issues due to the following :

  • Experienced Legal Advisers expect high salary and incur huge expenses. The Small and medium scale industries and companies can appoint only fresh Law graduates. They are mostly with out any experience. In Such case these law graduates will co-ordinate between company & litigation Advocates.
  • Even experienced Lawyers are lack of knowledge. These advocates will be expert in few area of practice only. Independent lawyer’s  consultation and help is essential for other unusual and unexpected issues. Independent Advocates consultation will be bit costly which is again an expensive matter. So, Getting a work done by good and experienced Attorneys is a challenging Work.

Consultancy by Independent Advocates :

By and large, Law is a complex field which is growing every day. There are so-many divisions of law and hence no lawyer can claim that he/she is aware of all the divisions of law. Moreover independent lawyers will not be able to ensure the high quality of legal service. Notably, that is due to limitations in infrastructure, facilities, staff etc.

Advantages of Legal Retainership :

There are various advantages for the Medium and Small scale industries on the other hand. In any case, Real estate companies, Construction companies and Builders-Flat promoters needs retainer legal advisors. In other words, they are hospitals, Professional organisations, NGOs, educational Institutions, charitable trust, societies, other Institutions etc.,

The Legal Retainership methods adopted by Companies :

  • Legal Consultancy and advice on various legal disputes from an expert lawyers Firm
  • Unlimited non-litigation services by a Law firm
  • Litigation services on a Fixed fee schedule
  • Annual fixed fee for all Advice, consultancy and to prepare documents.
  • Dedicated and sincere Advocates for each client
  • Facility of E-document.
  • Getting Periodical reports regarding the pending cases.

Legal retainership Beneficiaries

Most of all, MNCs and large scale industries engage their own team lawyers. By the way, they are experts in various area of practice. Of course, these in-house counsel work with the help of legal advisers and para legal staff. Meanwhile, They succeed in view of their higher volume of legal support. Usually, They engage big size law firms and pay the fees for each service. Most of them with this in mind will not bother about the legal expense for the company.

The following types of Institutions and Companies and will be good in legal retainer-ship model.

  • Distributing Companies & Agencies
  • Medium and small size companies
  • Hospitals
  • Food products manufacturing and trading companies
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Private educational institutions
  • NGOs and charity organisations
  • Call centres & BPOs
  • Professionals & Consultants etc.,
Madras high court lawyers Annual Retainer ship legal services
Legal retainership is much helpful for the firm who cannot spend money. As a result, those for eternal legal counsel or legal unit of every legal practice area. Above all, Rajendra law office offers legal retainer-ship at best cost.
Rajendra Law Office is now busy in Company matters across India and abroad at any rate. Mostly it is on the basis of Annual retainer-ship. Being a Chennai based Indian law Firm we are having expert Supreme Court advocates in addition. And also we have corporate lawyers of every Legal area of practice on the positive side.

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