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Leading Lawyer and Solicitors Firm :
In short, we are a leading attorneys providing litigation services. Furthermore our Vakil team offer legal solutions of whole range. The legal consultation offered not only in Chennai. But also with comprehensive network in all the major cities of India.


Furthermore we extend our Advocate services to many other countries. Notably for developed as well as developing nations worldwide. This infrastructure brought our Law firm an unprecedented reach. On the whole the companies and individuals for various types of cases get benefited. So, we have a capability of solving all type of legal problems. RLO is an attorney firm for many solution. It is a single point contact for various civil cases as well as Criminal issues.

Good Advocate Office in Chennai

Rajendra Law Office has most of the popular qualified legal experts at Chennai. RLO consists of vakils of various law practice. Few of those are Litigation Lawyer, Corporate Advocates and Legal consultants. The Notary public work asl done here. Criminal attorney is one of the most important are of practice at or office. Civil law specialists and Lawyer in Real estate document writers are unavoidable. Property legal work is popular in our Chennai law firm. We are also known as Legal opinion providers and many more.
Our Law firm Advocates are experts in Solving Real estate related issues. Our legal practice at Chennai includes Corporate legal solutions as well as Litigation. Best attorneys provide Corporate Financial guidance. RLO offers total prepaid Legal solution package. Legal guidance provided for companies as well as individuals at reasonable fees.

Best Vakil in Chennai for Legal Services

Advocates have name as Vakil few years before. Indeed this term is different from lawyers. They are legal consultants not by qualification but by best practice . Hence people call an Advocate also as Vakil. Particularly we are a team of Best criminal lawyer in Chennai. Yet We offers solutions for all legal support which arose due to various crimes in Chennai. In other words we have experienced Vakil in our Law firm. Likely they are for Criminal cases.

Contact Rajendra Law office for all type of legal solutions and Assistance.

Legal Opinions by best lawyer in Chennai

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Leading Attorneys for Corporate in Chennai

Corporate Chennai Civil Lawyers will have unbelievable knowledge. Particularly, Our Law professional team works with back-end support of the Chennai team. In short, We offer legal service for setting up and developing new ventures. Those Services includes legals for imports and exports in India.

RLO Lawyer assists and guides in setting up

  • Company Registration Services
  • Wholly company owned subsidiaries
  • Branches and liaison offices
  • amalgamation
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • C& F
  • Cross border transactions
  • (JV) Joint Ventures in & outside India.

Our Corporate legal expert team works instantly on getting all following things

  • Required licenses,
  • Registrations,
  • Approvals and compliance work for tax,
  • Exports-import, Value added tax (VAT)
  • Getting all other required paperwork for manufacturing.

Our Team of Leading Lawyers in Chennai for each Civil and criminal specialization offers the whole legal solution for each and every dispute.

Litigation Lawyer : Leading Advocates in Chennai

The RLO litigation Advocates at Chennai include Lawyers, senior attorneys with good experience. There are into advising the corporate on legal issues. Especially we do legal support on behalf of clients at the district & session courts. We cover all Forums, Company Law Board Tribunals as well. Moreover Our special team of lawyers take care of labour Courts & Industrial Tribunals. Chennai madras high cour attorneys of our law firm take care of Motor Accident Tribunals. These are all in small cause court. We also provide excellent services also at Office of the Sub-Registrars. The legal services extends at Collector of Stamps, State Information Commission as well.

Best Legal Consultants for Corporate

Our Law firm handles cases for all civil suits. Most of all are Road accidents. To begin with drive under influence to libel and negligence. In addition, conflicts of contracts of all nature between Companies are our focus. Furthermore this may happen between two or more individuals or a company (private or public) and an individual. Moreover other family related issues are solved in family court. Issues such as will, divorce and ancestral property disputes are resolved in any case. We deal not only Law of administration but also Law of commerce, and family law as well,, .

Our Lawyers team handles and assists in issues related to economic offences, white-collar crimes, debt recovery & anti trust ( competition law) and anti dumber practice at Chennai.

Advocates - Lawyer Firm | Best Lawyers in Chennai

Law firms : Best solution for legal problems

To ovoid unnecessary disputes, every one will seek consultation from the best offices of lawyers or law firms to solve their legal issues. Finding an Advocate who can guarantee perfect solution for a person’s all legal problems is always difficult. There are very few Senior Advocates who are experienced and specialist in handling a wide range of Criminal and civil cases.

Most of the attorneys found across the lower and high court usually provide solutions only for a few variety of cases. These people would have very less experience worked under senior lawyers or the Juniors supports which is required to handle various types of Criminal and civil cases.

Advocates for Matrimonial legal solutions

Marriage registration and other process of matrimony are done with the religious norms. When dispute arises between the married couple, then we will compromise the problems. Settlements across the table also done without any major expenses for clients. Damages are calculated and claims are obtained legally. Our Advocate for Matrimonial legal solutions are experts in obtaining divorce and getting compensation.

Bails & Anticipatory bails by our Best Criminal Lawyer in Chennai

An emotional scene between two friends or relatives may occur while murder is occurred. Under those circumstances our criminal lawyers enter into the role to protect the people who are innocents. Bails can be initiated for the accused. Due to this there is a possibility of arrest by police officials. In that case Anticipatory bails are obtained instantly by our expert criminal advocates.

Lawyer for Criminal Cases at Chennai

For instance, Forgery is imitating objects or documents to cheat a company or individual. As a matter of fact, Our Law firm protect the rights of our clients against the fraud. We can obtain anticipatory Bails If Our client is accused for any type of forgery. Now a days cheating is becoming common in the modern society. Consequently some times group of culprits cheat people. Intentionally this is done. Our Attorneys work smartly to protect the clients from these groups and save the rights. Mostly the innocent individuals will become a victim for fraud.

Best Lawyers in Chennai for Cognizable or Non-cognizable offenses

Notably an Individual or a Company guilty of forgery is liable on conviction on indictment. To tell the truth this may end-up with imprisonment too. Specifically we protect our clients from further damages or any other problems. Most of all in many cases reflect just by the complaints, accusation starts at this point. Cognizable offenses or Non-cognisable offenses are clearly classified by our attorneys for stopping further problems by enforcement officers.

Civil Lawyer in Chennai at Our Law firm

Senior Advocates in our Law firm assigns the duty of their own specialization. As a result we always give the best legal service in Chennai. Our Lawyers Firm consists leading civil and criminal lawyers in Chennai.

On the other hand the legal Issues of an individual or a company will be from Consumer protection claims. In addition to that our attorneys take care of criminal offenses and drug problems. Normally all law offices will not have the experience in handling all complicated type of cases. Only the quality law firms such as Rajendra Law office will have the capability and infrastructure. Mostly these should be available to take up all complicated Legal issues. Actually there are many qualities that add up to bring in a law office. We are the best in serving the legal solutions.

These qualities include the following :

  • Experience and expertise of Advocates in the law firm
  • Popular Advocate present in high ranks
  • Variety of Criminal and civil cases the legal firm can handle
  • The competence of the Juniors who assist the Senior lawyers

The Best law firm in Chennai.

Rajendra law office made many improvements in its structure to become a Big high level firm. These improvements in our Office dictate to become one of the Top 10 Counsels in India. As a result the above said qualities and infrastructure will make any Legal firm a No 1 in the legal field. Furthermore, This cannot be achieved in over night. Hard work and smart work of the team will make a Law office a renowned firm.

Law firm in Chennai for Legal Guidance.

Firstly we have a nice mixture of youth energetic and experienced Advocates. Obviously, this is always essential to become as leader. Most of all this is applicable in any industry and applicable for law firm too. Mainly young Advocates have to train themselves properly and work under senior’s supervision. As a result they will become the amazing expert lawyers of the near future. In all honesty we follow the best method to train the junior advocates. Particularly we offer them the opportunity to work alongside Popular experienced Advocates. In this way a Junior Advocate will absolutely gain experience. As a result they will become the strength of the firm.

Best Lawyer firm for Legal assistance

Basically our Lawyer office provides most of the legal services. Particularly they are required to the needy clients in our portfolio. Individuals and companies like to consult our law firm as a result. This happens Since we have a solution for each and every legal issue. probably those issues arises in their business as well as in the everyday life. No doubt, We are the best Lawyer firm. We always ready to solve any type of legal issues and provide Legal help. Our Lawyer firm keep on increasing the strength of Attorneys to sustain as leader in legal firms.

Legal expert advocates for high-profile cases at Chennai

Furthermore our Legal expert advocate are popular in handling high-profile cases. As a result Rajendra law office is a reputed Lawyer firm. Thus we gained global acceptance for our advocate firm. As a result made by increasing the hiring of lawyers in various countries across the globe. In conclusion this way our firm is capable of handling the overseas cases as well. Mostly our law firm is rising up to the top position in legal solution providing. So our Lawyer members put effort and work smartly to provide legal guidance. Most of all for various legal Issues.

Advocates for Real estate industry in Legal opinion and assistance

In addition, buying a property is the toughest for most of the people. Therefore this is the most important investment of their life time. As a result, Smart buyers realize that it is best to hire professionals. In conclusion to choose the best litigation free property. We are skilled buyers’ advocate in Chennai. We will advise them on the appreciation. Due to these advantages all disadvantages will be subsequently. Moreover we can negotiate the price of the target property lower than the market price.

No.1 Legal Advisors

Most of all we are the best Chennai buyers’ Real estate Lawyers. Eventually we act solely on the best interests of the clients. This is specifically to locate a property which will be suitable. Certainly that property has to fulfill their client’s need. In conclusion it should be the least price with the most favorable terms. Our Property advocate are most noteworthy well experienced in the Real estate field. Obviously providing excellent service with property assessment and negotiation.

Advocate for Anti-corruption cases

Legal consultation & Litigation service here are for all type of white-collar crimes. Anti-Corruption cases are most noteworthy in India. Thus we handle CBI cases of anti-corruption. As a result this will lead to successful relief.

Leading Corporate & Business Protection Attorneys in Chennai

Rajendra law office lawyers are for Corporate & Business Protection. First of all our Attorneys own specialization in corporate and business laws. Business owners and corporate houses hire Our Lawyers. Particularly the essential one is to protect their business interests. Of-course heavy investment are mandatory in Corporate houses. So naturally experienced and expertise lawyer are the basic need in business.

The need of an advocate is in the beginning stage of starting a newly formed firm. Firstly it is to setup the business expansion. Thereafter business contract renewal to preparing merger and acquisition. Most of all our RLO Lawyers services provide protection. Most of all to the legal entity of all businesses and trades

Lawyers for Motor offenses and Accidents

Vehicle Driving Offenses & Accidents are common in Chennai. Our Advocates deal in solutions to Drunk and drive cases in particular. Legal services for elder home injuries are basic one. Next accidental deaths are our specialties in the other hand. To begin with we’ll help for Slip & fall accidents. Our Senior Lawyers handle Insurance related to Accidents and claims. As a final point to conclude we practice and serve for those cases in High courts as well as Lower courts.

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