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Rajendra law office in Chennai has got the best Criminal litigation attorneys always. In fact, Advocates at our law firm help the people accused of crimes. Thus, Our Team of Criminal Vakils in Chennai take part in prior fact-finding. Yet, Our Litigation attorneys engage in jury selection. Notably other Services are legal analysis, plea bargaining, memo, trial & sentencing. Moreover, Rajendra law firm’s criminal defense attorneys practice in each level of appeals. Lastly, They are all from the Lower court to the Supreme Court.

Firstly, Criminal cases are different from torts proceedings or other civil suits. In fact, Criminal offences are the act violating or contravenes the provisions of IPC. The representation of victims still are also in criminal cases which is not in other civil cases. Are you struck by lot of issues in any case ?. To point out, Do you have capacity to handle police officials ?. On the other hand, Are you in panic?. Any of you friends are relatives are helping you ?. As a result, You must keep these issues in mind first. Okay, now you must call Criminal litigation lawyers who can help to come out of false crime charges. In this matter, you can approach our attorneys to help you to overcome all hurdles.

Advocates for Criminal cases in Chennai

In Most of the instances the accused will be an innocent person. For this reason, The conviction may happen due to representation of inefficient. Likewise, less capable person will not be wise. At the same time, It is always in the side of defendant which is a danger sign. In fact, Litigation ADVOCATES for criminal case must have skills to make it success.

Criminal Litigation Lawyers defending criminal cases

Mens-rea is furthermore the most essential thing for all in all a criminal act. Most of all, the meaning for mens-Rea is a guilty mind. Here a person committing criminal offence must have a guilty mind. Hence, It should be the motive of the criminal activity. Only a mentally retarded or an Unsound minded person will commit a crime without any proper object. So the motive and intention will be clear behind any criminal activity.

Breaking the sequence of evidences by Criminal Court Advocates in Criminal Cases

Breaking the sequence of evidences is most important for any case. As a result, It is the essential thing for defending criminal cases. Thereby, the Chain of interlinked evidences proof is essential in every conviction. Otherwise, The evidences must represent the form of a sequence from motive to original action. The Honorable Judges conclude the Criminal cases by analyzing the evidences. Thus, The inquiry before them at the court is essential. So then, Breaking the chain of evidences is the most important thing. As a rule, That will prove the innocence of an accused person.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Chennai

In other words, The Criminal litigation Lawyers should conduct a thorough research of full data. These happen after counseling the client. The next step is to identify the weakest parts of the evidences which are all against the defendant. Then the preparation of the case will be to break all the evidences. This is the main thing to follow to make their client  free from all the charges.

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Our Criminal defense attorneys in chennai very well know duties of all officials. They are all police officers, judges, court personnel and prosecutors. In most of the cases these good knowledge and relationships will assist in legal aspect. They bring an amicable resolution on behalf of our clients.

Criminal defense lawyers in Chennai | Best Criminal advocates

Criminal attorneys

Top Advocates in our law firm for Criminal cases in Chennai

Every year, about more than 10 lakh of Indians plead guilty to a felony. In my opinion, They are in conviction of one or more trials. In there are many innocent people who are ignorant of law. Criminal lawyers in Chennai are responsible to release them from sentencing.  Many times the sentence for the crime decision is in advance. This is either by the way of a binding plea bargain or it is mandatory by law for particular sentence. Most of the time, a range of options for sentencing may be open to the High court. To clarify, what Advocates do to make a case win?. They need evidences to get the case into success path. To repeat, one must give all the details about the case.

Sentences and Remedy by our Criminal defense lawyer at Chennai

In these criminal cases, sentencing will be the worst part. Can you avoid this in a criminal proceeding?. Yes, you can. This will decide that the person go to prison or not. If you are in prison how long you have to spend in jail ?. What are all the restrictions you have to face after the release?. These are all the important questions before a person who is in accusation of crime. At this point, Get the details from your Litigation advocate. To explain, The Truth detection by high court at sentencing may often affect confinement. They also differ in prison assignments, and eligibility for work release.

Help by our Lawyers for criminal cases in Chennai

Litigation Attorneys follow few norms if the client may be facing sentence. All the essential details of case has to be there. Our Criminal defense lawyer always investigate with care in Chennai Rajendra law office. Meanwhile, There is many needful things to prepare. In the same way, They give letters from Family, friends and colleagues to produce before the judge. Indeed, advocates must be patient to get the orders with care.

Thus, we offer bail services to clients in fast track basis. This must comply legal norms to be

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sure. Our criminal advocates will help and work with this in mind. By the way, Our attorneys in Madras high court are expert in getting the work done in certain period of time. For More details and Legal help for any type of Criminal case.

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